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Who We Are

The Roosevelt Athletic Boosters’ (RAB) mission is to enhance the athletic programs and physical education classes at Roosevelt High School by providing resources beyond what the Seattle Public Schools fund.  The club, founded in July of 1987, is a non-profit, 501 (C) (3) organization.  It serves a student body population of approximately 1700 youth between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.  The club is comprised of parent representatives from each sport and club team, with officers (President, Treasurer, and Secretary) elected by parent representatives.

What We Fund

The primary activity of the RAB is to raise money as an additional source of funding for the athletic teams and sports clubs at the school. Our funding sources include the annual “Fundraising Gala”, team fundraising events and activities, and receiving direct donations from our community. The monies earned assist the athletic director in supplementing the district’s budgets for all RHS teams, reduce or eliminate player fees for club sports, and more.

RAB assists in the funding for items that will stay with the school or benefit an entire team or PE class. One of our major contributions is the funding of our own in-house athletic trainer. Through a partnership with Children’s Hospital, our trainer treats injuries sustained in games or practice, helps students learn proper techniques to avoid injuries, supervises safety at practices and games, assists in the rehab of injuries, advises coaches on safety policies, properly sizes football helmets and more. Our commitment to our Athletic Trainer is an important asset to the athletic and spirit programs at RHS, keeping our kids safe and in the game! The types of monetary assistance that may be provided include:

    • Uniforms and equipment for sports teams
    • Transportation
    • Equipment or supplies related to athletics
    • Assistance for teams competing at the State levels
    • Fingerprinting and background checks for coaches
    • Facility rentals not covered by the school
    •   School wide sports recognition banquets or awards night events
    •   Athletic support groups (Cheer Squad, band, Sports Booster Club)
    • Training and skills enhancements for teachers and coaches

The Non-Profit Tax I.D. # for “Roosevelt Athletic Boosters” is:  34-2022-806

Our mailing address is:
Roosevelt Athletic Boosters Club
617 Eastlake Avenue East #340
Seattle, WA 98109